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Here is a great website for you to look at. It is full of fun facts and experiments to do at home.

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5W – Home Learning – The Earth & Beyond


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This week 6C have been studying evolution and inheritance. We started our topic by investigating revolutionary scientists, such as Charles Darwin. During his voyage on the HMS Beagle, Darwin discovered that finches (a type of small bird) in the Galapagos Islands (group of islands off the coast of South America) looked very similar, but had different beaks. ​The beaks had adapted for different foods.


We investigated this discovery ourselves, by replicating the beaks using various wooden tools. Which tools were effective for picking up sultanas? Which tools were effective for picking up seeds?



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Big Science Question

Here are some examples of the learning Year 4 have been doing around the Big Science Question. It is interesting to see that some people think invisibility may already be around us? Do you agree with this? Why?

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Clapham Manor LOVES Science!!

Welcome to the new Science blog. Feel free to add any Science related learning, experiments, questions or photos that you have taken part in at home or at school. To get you all started…..here is this terms BIG SCIENCE QUESTION…..


Will it ever be possible to be invisible?

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